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On Loan

 Title: On Loan

Summary: And it was that moment, under the moonlight and watching the constellations above,
when she sends a silent plea to her mom.

Pairings: Jason Grace/Piper Mclean, Jason Grace/Reyna, hints of Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase

Words: 1,259

Author's Note

So… this is sort of like a Jasper one-shot but with mentions of Jeyna. Read it if you want. XD And
if you don't mind, spare a few seconds to tell me what you think. ;) I'll probably make a sequel. And
then, a free-verse poem follows it afterwards.

Enjoy and read and review! =)))

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus belong to Rick Riordan.

I'm a couple of months away from being a teenager. I can't be him, right? =)))

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I

could really use a wish right now.

-Airplanes, B.o.B. (feat. Hayley Williams,)

"I've never actually thought of it that way."

Piper raised her eyebrow at Jason who looked away, his face slightly flushed but his disposition (strong
and confident)
 was still evident from the way he carried himself.

"What do you mean?" she asked, letting the words mix with the air and trying her best not to taint it
with honey.

Jason sighed and buried his face on his knee, blonde hair covering his forehead slightly and making him
just a bit vulnerable than he did before(as if he can ever look vulnerable).

"The way the huntress, Zöe Nightshade, was placed in the stars. I've always thought that she was from
the olden times and dad only found it right to clear the sky a bit."

Piper smiled at him understandingly. Just a few moments earlier, Annabeth (reluctantly) told them the
story about the brave huntress who sacrificed her life for the sake of the people she was not exactly
close with.


"I've never thought about it either." Piper replied lightly, kaleidoscope eyes glistening as she
absent-mindedly brushed a strand of swirled chocolate hair away from her eyes.

Jason turned to look at her, eyes serious but as blue as ever, glinting in the shade that made reminded
her of something stroked with cerulean and probably a bit of burned aquamarine.


"It's good to know I'm not the only one confused."

"Same here, Sparky." Piper replied, using the nickname that she calls him nowadays. Really, this whole
nickname thing is getting on her system with Nico being "Death Boy" and Annabeth "Wise girl". Jason
though, furrowed his eyebrow as if trying to capture something that's so far away and too far away
from him to reach.

"You okay?" she asked him, concerned.

Jason smiled at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just bits of flashbacks but nothing major or anything."

Piper smiled at him but felt something flare up. "Did you remember something?" she asked, eyes looking
concerned and her tan skin looked like it was glowing in the moonlight.

Did you remember someone?

Jason's eyes were unreadable. "No. Nothing too important." he smiled lightly at her, the scar on his lip
carving up a little making him even more attractive than before.

"If you say so. Let's just enjoy the night?" she asked, feeling hope creeping back into her. Maybe (just
maybe), it wasn't only words who had the ability to flow out of her mouth in a graceful dance.

He looked at her, and she can feel her heart jumping just a little bit because it wasn't as if he was
looking at her but staring right through her own soul, and it feels so right.

"Yeah. The practice a while ago made me tired."

"You did beat Clarisse."

"That's another case."

"Whatever, Sparky. Just go to sleep."

Jason raised an eyebrow at her making her cheeks heat up because gods! That's just so embarrassing.
She's starting to sound like Drew and some of her siblings right now.

"I-i mean, just go rest. I'd wake you up earlier." she offered him an impish grin, trying to cover up her

Jason nodded his head and leaned back to the grass, closing his eyes after offering Piper another one
of his heart-stopping and mind-crashingsmile of his, making her blood rush faster than before.

Then, he held her hand.

Piper felt herself blushing like crazy as she watched the constellationsabove blink and as if trying to
convey a message to her, a message that only they can know. She can feel the great huntress trying
to say something to her, in words that only they can know, in a dance that's only between Piper and the
rest of the world.

Can't you see it?

She bit her lip. She wasn't stupid. She knows that somewhere out there, Jason has someone waiting for
him. It would be unreal to have someone like him not like or even love someone before. It won't take a
child of Aphrodite to know that.

But gods! That would hurt so, so, so much.

Somewhere, there may be an Annabeth waiting for her Percy to come home and spending every day
working her body off just so she can lookfor him so that he can come home

Like Penelope and Odysseus.

And it would hurt even more to know that Piper was the one keeping Jason here.

She felt Jason stir beside her and she can feel her heart heaving up a little and she can feel herself
holding his hand a little bit more tightly than before because-

Perfection was already right next to her-

And she just don't know how she can let him go.

She did that one thing she thought she'd never do in her life because she wanted to be that strong
independent girl who doesn't need help because her Daddy won't ever care for her-

But she still sent a silent plea to her mom.

It won't matter anymore if Jason had someone waiting for him or if she's going to lose him soon or if
she'd die on the quest just so that they can save the rest of the world because she realized that
someday, she's going to return him soon but as for now-

She just wanted to be with him just a little bit longer.






are (not) a princess

Even ^if^ (your) dad is a





You live such a terrible life


He `does` not care  for


And [your] friends?

G*o*n*e i|n the wind

It hurts so, so, so much because you know






No one will  care *for* you

(not daddy)

(not anyone else)

(and most especially, not mommy because it’s  not like she ever existed in
the first place)

But it hurts



(because all you ever


 was someone who’d care)




But you met funny Leo

“Who smiles so much

and laughs a lot”

{but H*I*D*E*S as much or

maybe EVEN more than you do}

You start  ^smiling^ more often

(but it is not  yet right.)





It really  |wasn’t| so bad.

*It* A|L|L seems to be a /better/

but not yet *R-I-G-H-T*

still, Y_O_U?

you try to






JASON- he came, and he(lightened) up your life.

^EVERYTHING^ seems to be perfect.

And right

But you’ve got to remember.

Not everything is *true*

Including the

&pretty& boy with those S|T|U|N|N|I|N|G

blue [(e)(y)(e)(s)]




You go on a <quest>

*AND* #c#o#u#n#t#l#e#s#s# of ADVENTURES~~

You three


 the *Q*U*E*E*N* but you “remember”

He doesn’t #know# a ^SINGLE^ thing about

YOU now.

AND you want to know why, huh?


It’s the ^M^I^S^T^  %with%

=all= its GLORY

:and you hate it all so much:




Take a minute…

Everything will work out in your favor;

‘Cuz~ you~ `are’ [love’s]

-f\a\v\o\r\i\t\e- child, after all.






A dragon


Had so much *FUN*!

And no matter how much *you*


to <deny> it

YOU find yourself











After overthrowing that sibling of &YOURS&,

you are trying to live


with your (prince)

$with$ those S|T|U|N|N|I|N|G

blue [(e)(y)(e)(s)]

and then everything feels so right.







SOMEWHERE out there

|A| |queen| |waits| |for| |her| |king|




But someday,


You know this {one} fact


You’re `gonna` have to return him





{Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.}


Oh, Someday we'll know

If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I wasn't meant for you...

-Someday We'll Know, Mandy Moore. (feat. Jonathan Foreman)

On Loan

HitsuRuki-Low Light

An attempt to make a Hitsugaya/Rukia video. =)))

HitsuRuki-Low Light [click here]

Title: when the snow drifts (it's when the heart speaks)

Summary: "You didn't have to do that." He asked, his eyes only glancing just a little bit. "Isn't it amazing, captain?" Kuchiki replied, "Humans are so fascinating and remarkable that sometimes, I just want to be one."

Pairings: Toshiro Hitsugaya/Rukia Kuchiki

Settings:Continuation of anime episode 316

Author's Note

I just wanted to do something out of the episode where in there's snow and everything. =) So… here's a little one-shot I made while taking a break from the new fanfic I published. It would be nice if you'd read it; just check it out in my account.

Extra thanks to daybreaks for pointing out a few grammatical errors.

This has been bugging me since December and now, I think I actually have the motivation to type it in the computer. I'm trying to write the fourth chapter of Secondhand Serenade so if you have and requests or suggestions, just tell me. =)

Next chapter should be up soon.. =))) As soon as I post it in fanfiction.net.

So here it is! Hope you'd like it! =D

Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine.

when the snow drifts (that's when the heart speaks)

Dedicated to Denidene

Inspired by Drops of Jupiter (by Train)


It was cold.

It was strangely cold despite the fact that almost a while ago the scorching heat is almost unbearable for someone like him. There was a sudden shift in the temperature, after all. An hour ago, the sun was still lingering up above but now, looking around him…

It's just different… way too different. Last time he checked the calendar (which was yesterday), it read "April 15" and there's no way in hell that it snows during spring. No way… unless the global warming was just that bad.

And he doubted that.

Either ways, there's someone he has to talk to because he'd bet with all of his life that this time, it's not Hyōrinmaru causing it. It was certainly not his zanpakutō. He has enough control over his powers to stop his reiatsu from leaking, and although he didn't cause it, that doesn't mean anyone else wasn't causing it.

In fact, he just has one person in mind.

And there's no way that he'd be wrong.

No, not this time.


And that was exactly how he found her sitting on the railings of some park in her shinigami form, her zanpakutō in her hand. This place's temperature was way colder than the place he had been recently. Besides the fact that it wass higher from the ground (it is in a cliff, after all), this is where the reiatsu originated.

She caused the snow.

Not him, Hitsugaya Tōshirō.

"Kuchiki." He called, voice filled with authority.

Her head swung to the side as she looked for the source of the voice, eyes blinking in confusion. Eyes landing on the white-haired captain who was leaning on the trunk of a tree, she got off the railings and bowed her head in respect.

"Captain Hitsugaya."

He nodded his head towards his direction. He doesn't have to say anything else, right?

Taking his nod as her signal to return to what she was doing earlier, Kuchiki returned to sitting on the railing, looking down at the humans who were playing at the street below with snowballs and snowmen.

As for him, Hitsugaya leaned his head on the trunk, relaxing a bit. The silence… it was a nice change. There wasn't anything else to do at this point. Besides, the cold temperature is cooling and refreshing but… he has something to ask.

And it was now or never.

"You didn't have to do that." He asked, his eyes only glancing just a little bit.

Kuchiki blinked her eyes in surprise and tried to look at him innocently and said, "What do you mean, Captain Hitsugaya?"

Hitsugaya snorted, rolled his eyes and retorted, "Are you even asking that? You know what I'm talking about."

The said girl furrowed her eyebrows and kept her lips firm as she spoke, "With all due respect sir, I have no idea what you are talking about."

Hitsugaya narrowed his eyes at Kuchiki as he snapped back, "I'm sure your brother won't appreciate it if I'd report to him and say that you haven't learned how to respect your superior officer. Don't play dumb with me, Kuchiki. That's an order."

Kuchiki narrowed her eyes at him and she looked like she was biting a complain or probably, an insult. Hitsugaya almost laughed at Kuchiki's expression as she sat down and hastily apologized, bowing down her head.

She was silent for a while, and didn't say even a single word as she lowered her gaze and continued looking at the park. It was an expected reaction because like him, she's just an ice-element wielder like him and they just don't like being… disturbed.

And it's not like he expected her to answer his ques-

"I just felt like it."


He didn't expect that.

"Tch!" Hitsugaya replied, looking upwards, "Don't kid me around, Kuchiki! I thought you were smarter than that."

Kuchiki looked at him, expression looking like she's annoyed as she replied back, "I answered your question, captain. I just felt like it."

"That's impossible, Kuchiki." Hitsugaya replied as he glared at the raven-haired shinigami in front of him halfheartedly.

The girl sighed but caught herself and said, "If that's what you want, sir. I didn't mean to disrespect you."

Hitsugaya shook his head and continued his accusation, "But you did it. There is a reason. You used your zanpakutō to cause the snow for some unknown reason at that time and up to now. I want to know why."

For a short while, silence enveloped the two shinigami but Hitsugaya didn't enjoy it because the question just lingered inside his mind and just won't go away, and although asking Kuchiki would probably be stupid of him considering she didn't give him any proper answer...

He just has to try.

He has to.

Moments passed by and he continued to watch the girl watch the snow fall all over the town. It was crazy of her, releasing this much of reiatsu. It would attract hollows and at the same time, drain her.

He has to know wh-

His thoughts were cut off by the chuckle that Kuchiki had. It was surprisingly low for someone as petite (not small because he'd be calling himself small, as well) as her, he noted. He looked at Kuchiki whose chuckles were getting more quiet.

Rolling his eyes, he asked, "Kuchiki, I suppose you can answer now?"

The Kuchiki girl shook her head, looked at him and said, "I don't mean to disrespect you, sir but you might enjoy the view from here. It's okay if you don't want to but..."

He rolled his eyes and strolled, leaning against the railings and looked downwards where he saw kids playing a snowball fight with each other and chasing around. "What?" He snorted, "You're making me look at that? I expected more. Your captain speaks highly of you."

Kuchiki shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly and said, "I have no means to make you upset Captain Hitsugaya but this is my answer to your question a while ago, and considering you were spending your time with two humans a while ago..."

He raised his eyebrows at her and said, "That? As much as I respect humans, I have no time to deal with them. Besides, why were you watching?"

The easy answer is always the best, no matter what you heart wants to say

She shook her head and (in his opinion) ignored what he just said.

"Isn't it amazing, captain?" Kuchiki replied, "Humans are so fascinating and remarkable that sometimes, I just want to be one."

"You're beginning to sound like Captain Kurosutchi, Kuchiki."

Kuchiki kept quiet and didn't respond.

Taking that as his go-signal, he stood up straight and walked backwards a bit. After all, there is no point in trying to talk to someone when they are obviously amused with something else.

"Tch." He said, "If that's what you want. I'll be leaving then, Kuchiki."

...but no matter how much he wants to leave, he just can't.

At least not until he knows why...

He turned back and began walking reaching out for his zanpakutō when Kuchiki's voice stopped him dead on his tracks.

"Humans..." she started, her back still facing him, "no matter how dire their situation is, they move on. No one stops them. It's as if they were built to always have hope in them. They're not strong but they stand on, captain. That makes me respect them so-"

He interrupted, "Is that all?"

Kuchiki glanced at him but continued what she was saying.

"-much. They're just there, yet nothing would ever be the same without them. They have hope although sometimes, it's just a tiny bit of flame. I guess that's why it's nice to do something that would make it burst."

She sounded so wistful and deep down those words, he could have sworn he sensed longing. And deep inside, he felt like she wasn't only talking about the people playing in the park.

Somehow, he felt like she's talking about him and at the same time not him.

He'd be lying if he'd say he's not stunned. Truth be told, she's right. Every single word that came out of her mouth is right but... sometimes pride comes first, and it's too bad that he's one of the people who'd rather not say anything at all.

"Whatever you say, Kuchiki."

Silence followed because none of the two has anything to say at all. After all, they're just comrades and no way they're friends. It was just a mutual feeling of a superior and a subordinate.

Nothing more...

Nothing less...

He had his answer, and it's time for him to leave.

"I'll be leaving then, Kuchiki."

Turning around, Kuchiki bowed her head and said respectfully, "Thank you very much, Captain Hitsugaya."

Reaching out to his katana, he removed it from its sheath and opened the Senkaimon but before doing so, he turned back and looked at her, as in really look at her straight in the eyes and saw something in that pool of violet.

"You did a good job." He blurted out.

Her eyes snapped open as she looked surprise at the captain's choice of words and asked, "Excuse me, sir?"

"Don't make me repeat myself, Kuchiki." he reprimanded. "I'm sure your hearing is just fine."

And in her violet eyes, deep down, Hitsugaya could see a spark. It wasn't anything big but for him, it was enough. Yes, it was really enough for now. It wasn't anything large or noticeable but it was something.

And that is way better than nothing at all.

He stepped inside the Senkaimon to visit his grandmother when (for the second time) her voice stopped him.

"You too, sir. You did a better job."

He was shocked.

He didn't expect that from her but he shrugged off the feeling, anyway.

"You should go back soon," he said, instead of making himself looking like a fool, "your captain might be worried if you're gone too long."

He received a silent "yes, sir", and at that time, he was sure that he made the right choice.

"See you soon," he started as the gates begun to close, "Kuchiki."

Then he ran into the dark abyss, and strangely this time, it wasn't cold anymore. The cold sensation was gone as he begun running along the path of the enclosed corridor.

It wasn't cold because he knew, deep inside he felt warm.